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Chairman Message

What are the functions of an independent test laboratory? Not everyone I meet has a clear idea of how such an organization functions in relation to industry in general. In particular, many engineers and industrialists do not know the extent of the services we in the Al Hoty Stanger can provide. The answers to these questions are important and this web-site aims to provide them by giving a simple straightforward account of our own activities.

Our work can come in the planning and consultancy stage before construction or production; it come during construction, as in continuous quality control or it can come after production, as in failure tests, investigations and many kinds of analysis. Our activities cover the whole field of engineering, constructional materials, finished machines and structures. Yet such is the spread of specialization today that some who know our work in Civil Engineering may be unaware of our facilities in Electrical, Mechanical or Environmental Engineering. Those who use our services may not know how we function in 'source inspection', providing purchasers of items as different as concrete ingredients, steelwork members or generating sets, with complete ex-factory inspection anywhere in Gulf Countries. It is because our work has so many different aspects and applications that this account is needed.

In our team of many talents, we bring together specialist facilities in a flexible organisation, geared to swift action anywhere in the world. Detailed technical information on every aspect of our work cannot be given in this message. In some fields, developments are so rapid that such information might be out of date by the time it was read. But we can give a general summary and outline of our services and show how these fit together into a comprehensive pattern. So often when problems arise in engineering, they do not do so in neatly labelled academic compartments; there is an increasing need for an organisation with a wide range of approaches and a linked, communicating set of disciplines.

Everywhere in industry and engineering today, the cry goes up for more information and communication to keep pace with the accelerating rate of technological change. We feel our work makes a special contribution here. I hope this web- site will make a practical contribution to that increasing store of useful facts which decision makers need to have readily available in the modern world.

David H Stanger
Chairman of the Board