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Electrical Appliances & Accessories Testing Division (EAATD)

DIVISION (EAATD) of Al Hoty-Stanger Ltd. Co. offers Comprehensive range of tests on electrical household appliances and various kinds of electrical accessories.

Laboratory is equipped with latest equipment and technically competent personnel. It provides customer with timely, accurate, reliable and technically competent test reports. With the vision to be the regions desired choice for electrical product safety testing, It aims to protect consumers from safety risk associated in use of electrical & electronic products. In alliance with regulatory bodies promoting safe and risk-free household, industrial and medical environment. The laboratory indirectly helps manufacturers and distributors in meeting the market requirements.

Test Service

EAATD conducts a broad variety of safety testing to meet the requirements of the standard as summarized below:

  • Visual inspection
  • Electrical test
  • Mechanical and Stability test
  • Durability, Endurance and Aging test

Equipment Capability

EAATD is equipped with latest and sophisticated equipment and techniques to conduct all the tests required to meet the requirements of safety and quality of electrical appliances. Some of those equipments are:

  • Power tester, Oscilloscope, Leakage/High voltage/Earth continuity tester
  • Stabilized power supply Climatic chamber, Dust chamber and IP test equipment
  • Cord flexing tester and Cord Anchorage Test
  • Plug /Socket tester.
  • Tumble barrel & Electric irons drop tester
  • Needle flame tester and Glow wire tester
  • Creepage and clearance tester.

Scope of Work

EAATD is capable to perform safety tests for electrical and electronics products, such as but not limited to the following

  • Household & commercial appliances such as kitchen machines, water heaters, air conditioners, room heaters, cooking machines, laundry machines, cleaning machines, hair and skin care devices, massages, irons, cooling and freezing appliances, electric portable and power tools etc.
  • Electrical accessories (Plug, socket-outlet, cord set, cord extension set, appliance coupler/connector, switch, adaptor, Boxes and other similar accessoriesLighting products and luminaries as lamps, holders, street lights and swimming pool lights etc.
  • Cables & Cords
  • Testing of low voltage, medium voltage and high voltage systems is incorporated into our service and expertise.