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The department is largely concerned with assessment and evaluation of foundations for a wide variety of structures including housing, multistoried buildings, plants, substations, water towers, transmission lines, offshore engineering works and other infrastructure and industrial projects.

The department is equipped with drilling rigs, CPT (peizocone) equipment, Electrical resistivity equipment, pile integrity equipment and other related geotechnical equipments.

Our truck and trailer mounted drilling rigs can be mobilized, on a short notice, from our geographically wide spread regional offices and branches.

Resource surveys can also be undertaken for suitable construction material such as cement constituents, aggregates for concrete, backfill and other construction materials.

The department employees a group of qualified Geotechnical engineers and Geologists to undertake the specialized projects.

To enable environmental monitoring, the department actively undertakes construction of ground monitoring wells. These wells are utilized to sample ground waters which are subsequently tested for the presence of toxic elements in the sub surface water.

The department is also equipped to perform sampling of the "land fill" area to monitor the concentration of the toxic material and their movements at the waste dump areas.

The department also equipped for installation of peizometers to performs investigations for rising ground water problems, post construction failure assessments, hydrochemical problems. It is well qualified to conduct investigations to establish the causes of such problems and to offer specialist advice on remedial measures.

Our Services include,

Laboratory Testings

  • Classification Tests
  • Index Tests
  • Oedometer Consolidation
  • Triaxial UU, CIU, CID
  • Simple shear box
  • Uniaxial compression tests on rocks
  • Effective stress condition: UU w/pwp, CIU, CID, CRS consolidation
  • Total stress condition: TV, MU, UU, Fall cone
  • California Bearing Ratio Test CBR.

Field Testings

  • Drilling of boreholes and conducting of SPT.
  • Peizocone Penetration Test PCPT.
  • Field Density Test by Nuclear / Sand cone
  • Plate Load Test
  • Soil Electrical Resistivity
  • Pile integrity test for concrete piles.
  • Witnessing of pile load test and reporting.
  • CBR Field
  • Installation of standpipe piezometer for monitoring ground water level.
  • Drilling and installation of groundwater monitoring wells for environmental purpose.