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Health & Safety Policy

AL HOTY STANGER LTD CO recognizes the importance of protecting company employees and assets. Accordingly, safety and safety management are integral to the running of our business and we are committed to safeguard personnel and equipment against possible ill effects arising from our business operations.

While management is committed to provide continuous support, it is critically important that employees and staff from other organizations with whom we work, such as contractors and clients (eg their personnel on sites) accept safety as a personal responsibility and do their utmost to prevent personnel injuries and accidents. Therefore we must adhere to the following principles:

  • Compliance with basic safety rules, policies contained in the Safety and Health Manual and Standards Operating Procedure is mandatory.
  • The safety of personnel shall be considered on an equal basis with production, testing quality and profitability in arriving at any business decision.
  • Safety of personnel and equipment shall be a key responsibility of every manager and supervisor.
  • Employee and other working in Al Hoty Stanger shall be trained and encouraged to readily recognize and correct all unsafe conditions not just those arising from the activities of Al Hoty Stanger Staff and to practice safety, both on and off the job.
  • Regular audits by managers and the Safety Officer, including follow up measures, shall be maintained to assure the effectiveness of the safety and health programmes.
  • Individual commitment and support to these principles by each employee is a key element in the success of our safety and health effort. Therefore, we look forward to the wholehearted support of all company staff.

Hani A. Al Hoty
General Manager